Andrey Nikolaevych Belousov

Andrey Nikolaevych Belousov is Doctor of Medicine degree on speciality - Anesthesiology and Intensive Care. Author a new medicine products – nanotechnology preparations based on magnetite nanoparticles (Fe3O4) ( Micromage-B (officially registration in Ukraine); Magnet-controlled sorbent brand of MCS-B for extracorporeal detoxication of biological liquids (officially registration in Ukraine and was allowed for medical practice); NanoBiocorrector for intravenous application – ICNB (intracorporal nanosorbent). A.N. Belousov is author new method of extracorporeal hemocorrection using magnet-controlled sorbent (MCS-B). The published more 290 scientific works on results application of nanotechnology preparation in experimental and practical medicine. At now Andrey Belousov - the Head of Laboratory Applied Nanotechnologies in Ukraine, DM, Professor of Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine.